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Being new to the discipline of Pilates and Yoga, I couldn't have asked for a better instructor.  Tracy-Sue is passionate, meticulous and knowledgeable.  She Watches you every second of every routine, always correcting, encouraging and praising.  To say I leave the Impression Studio invigorated would be an understatement!  As an ex ultra marathon runner I didn't believe i could find a discipline that would equal the endorphin release running gives you - but I have!  11months of Pilates and now Yoga has been life changing - I feel strong and my body is far healthier and fitter than when running.  Thank you Trace for having Impression Studio Flags outside your studio 18 months ago - I am grateful everyday that you are my instructor - Sally Ann White.


I love the attention Tracy-Sue gives to each client in her class and appreciate her dedication, encouragement and patience.  This is a place to hone your skills with attention to form.  Every class is different and out of it what you put into it.  The studio is beautifully fitted out and well equipped.  Love being challenged each week - Andrea Walker.

Tracy-Sue offers excellent Pilates classes and can cater to individuals across a range of ages and abilities.  She is highly qualified and an excellent instructor.  I enjoy every visit - my back hasn't felt this good in years!! - Mark Sayers. 

The way Tracy-Sue teaches yoga makes it an accessible practice for all bodies, all strengths, all flexibilities (or lack there of in my case) and it is always challenging.  I have never walked out of a class with Tracy and not felt 10 times better than when I walked into the studio - Estee.


Highly skilled instructor who encourages and supports her students - Kevin Ackhurst.


Tracy-Sue has been absolutely amazing over the past 2.5yrs since I have discovered her studio and tried Pilates for the first time! No two classes are ever the same - I love the variety, she is always challenging me yet also supporting me through 2 now fully recovered frozen shoulders.  No health or physical challenge is ever too hard for her to work with and my weekly privates and group classes are now an essential part of my every week.  Tracy-Sue's classes have become such an important part of my overall (mind and body) wellbeing, her knowledge and understanding of the body is incredible an she is constantly undertaking her own further  professional development so she can continue to grow and improve, very dedicated to her own practice and teaching standards.  I highly recommend Tracy-Sue and am so grateful for her hard work and patience - Nicole Allen. 

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