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Class Cancellation Policies:



All cancelled classes may be rescheduled for another class  other day than your regular time slot; if done so within the 24hr period.  If classes are not rescheduled within the 24hrs, classes are forfeited.  Rescheduled classes may be made up within 2 weeks of the change.  Making up of cancelled classes is the client's responsibility.


24hrs notice is required.

IYPS understands that occasionally clients will need to suspend their package to take a break or go on vacation or illness. In this case, a minimum of one weeks notice is required before the week of break.

You are responsible for payment for the classes that you choose to attend weekly.

ALL late cancellations or no shows are charged at full rate.

Packages are valid for 3 months (excluding holidays)


No Refunds, Non transferable and ALL packages are payable in ADVANCE.

To avoid such conversations please abide by the cancellation policy.  

IYPS Class Policies:

A minimum of 2 people in class. Cancellation of a class is at the discretion of the owner. Please note in the event of unforeseen circumstances or illness classes may be cancelled with minimum time.

A minimum of two classes a week are suggested to truly benefit for either discipline. 

All packages are valid for 3 months from the date of purchase.  Excluding holidays.  Please do not purchase a 20 pack if you cannot use it within 3 months.

Class Etiquette:

Be on time.

No chewing gum.

No sharp objects on clothing i.e zips at back and steel logos on shirts, or sharp hair accessories (crocodile clips) to protect the vinyl of the equipment.

Socks for Pilates are not compulsory but clean feet are appreciated.

Respect for one another and teacher.

Please bring your own water bottle.

Leave shoes at the door.

Please park your car in the designated areas and please park with consideration for others.

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